Q: What do I need to bring to sell scrap at Lorbec Metals USA Ltd.?

A:  All customers must be at least 18 years of age and are required to have valid state-issued ID. Customers will be required to give a thumbprint and sign a form declaring they are authorized to sell their material. All vehicles must bear a valid license plate. No walk-ins are accepted.


Q: Where can I get up to date pricing information?

A:  We are always available to take pricing questions over the phone at (810) 736-0961.


Q: I need pick-up service. Do you offer this?

A:  Yes, we have roll-off container services available for large commercial accounts. We do not however, provide residential pick-up.


Q: Is assistance provided if I need help unloading material at the yard?

A: We have cranes, hi-lo’s and loaders to help with heavy material. We also have an experienced and friendly staff available to help unload your materials.


Q: What form of payment can I expect for my scrap?

A:  Lorbec Metals USA Ltd. pays by CASH or CHECK.


Q: What is the best way to alert scrapyards of stolen property?

A:  First, you must file a police report and get a case number. Then, if you visit the website www.scraptheftalert.com you will be prompted to fill out a form. This website is the industry recognized database that most quickly informs scrapyards across the region about reported material theft.